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LEN Women’s U15 European Championships – Day 6

The U15 European Championship are coming to a close. Today, the matches were for 10-11th, 9-10th place and Semifinals 5-8.

In the first match, Serbia and the Czech Republic competed, and Serbia won 10-9. Serbia finished 11th, and the Czech Republic finished 12th place at the tournament.

Then, Slovakia lost to Israel 3-10 making Israel finish 9th and Slovakia 10th on the overall table.

In the Semifinals 5-8, Croatia beat France 10-9. The teams still have another round to determine where they will place on the table. France will play for 7th while Croatia will play for 5th place.

Hungary lost to Italy 5-6 in the last round. Tomorrow, the matches continue. Check out the schedule below.

Schedule for tomorrow, 13 July:

10:00 Final 7-8th Place France – Hungary
11:30 Final 5-6th Place Croatia – Italy
13:00 Semifinals Greece – Russia
14:30 Semifinals Netherlands – Spain