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Liga Premaat: Round 1 Review

The second round of the Spanish League, Liga PREMAAT has recently finished. Some team had easy wins while some other had a harder time defeating their opponent.

Quadis Mataro won over Sant Andreu on home grounds. Both teams played equally well. During the third period, the score was tie at 6-6. However, towards the end of the game, Mataro scored 3 additional goals with no goals from the opponent. This made led Mataro lead 9-6. Even though Sant Andreu scored two goal during the last few minutes, but it was not enough. Mataro won against Sant Andreu 9:8 (2:1, 2:2, 3:3, 2:2).

Then, reigning champion, CNA Barceloneta, easily won over Mediterrani 19:7 (6:0, 4:2, 2:3, 7:2). Barceloneta had a 8:0 lead during the first two quarters, and while Mediterrani was able score goals, they couldn’t recover from the first half of the game. Even though Mediterrani led the third quarter with a 3-2 score, CNA Barceloneta answered with a total of 7 goals in the last quarter, adding more to their already secured winning score.

Other scores:
Real Canoe – Tenerife 10:8 (2:0, 4:1, 2:3, 2:4)
Terrassa – Barcelona 12:12 (2:4, 3:3, 3:0, 4:5)
Catalunya – Navarra 17:7 (3:2, 3:2, 6:1, 5:2)


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