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Men’s Hungarian Cup: Ferencváros wins the title!

Ferencváros beat Miskolc confidently in the final. Dénes Varga scored half of the green-white goals to take home the trophy.

Photo: Madar Dávid / MVLSZ

FTC-Telekom Budapest – PannEnergy-MVLC-Miskolc 10-4 (4-2, 2-1, 2-1, 2-0)

1st quarter

1st min: Ferencváros won the sprint, they could not score on the first attack, but they did on the second one as Dénes Varga put the green-whites up 1-0.

2nd min: Aaron Younger got the ball in his own corner and swam all the way to the other goal, but could not capitalize. On the other side, Alex Bowen equalized immediately after that. 

3rd min: Dénes Varga scored on a lob shot from close range, 2-1 for Ferencváros. 

4th min: Krisztián Bedő equalized from center for Miskolc.

5th min: Márk Kállay hit the post, it is still 2-2.

6th min: Aaron Younger puts Ferencváros up again, 3-2. 

7th min: Miskolc successfully defensed a power play, but just as they were back at 6-6 players, Fradi scored from close range after a blocked shot. Nikola Jaksic was the one, who tipped the ball into the net, 4-2 for Ferencváros.

2nd quarter

1st min: Fradi was faster once again. And once again, they could not score on their first attack. 

4th min: Neither team could score for five straight minutes, but Dénes Varga stopped the silence seconds after they got a man-up situation. This was Varga’s third goal of the game. 5-2 for Ferencváros.

5th min: Ognjen Stojanovic netted for Miskolc, 5-3.

6th min: Ferencváros had a 6-on-4 situation, but two great blocks blocked them from increasing their lead. Not for long, Dénes Varga found the back of the net after the teams were even. Four of Fradi’s six goals were scored by Varga.

6-3 was on the scoreboard at halftime.

3rd quarter

1st min: Fradi was faster once again. And once again, they could not score on their first attack. 

6th min: No goals were scored in the second half for the first six minutes.

7th min: Varga broke the silence with a huge goal. It was his fifth. 7-3 Ferencváros

7th min: Alex Bowen brought Miskolc closer, 7-4.

8th min: With five seconds remaining, Aaron Younger found the back of the net to give Fradi a 4-goal lead.

4th quarter

1st min: Ferencváros was faster again, they won all four sprints in the final.

2nd min: Aaron Younger hit the post from a penalty and the ball just floated on the goal line for a few seconds. No goal.

5th min: Tamás Sadlmayer found the back of the net for Ferencváros on a man-up situation, 9-4.

7th min: Another goal from Sadlmayer, 10-4.

Ferencváros won the men’s Hungarian Cup confidently. 

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