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Women’s Hungarian Cup – UVSE wins convincingly in the final!

UVSE Hunguest Hotels shut down BVSC-Zugló in the first half and won the final of the women’s Hungarian Cup for the fifth time in a row.

Photo: Madar Dávid / MVLSZ

UVSE Hunguest Hotels – BVSC-Zugló 10-5 (3-0, 1-0, 2-1, 4-4)

1st quarter

1st min: BVSC won the sprint, but lost the ball immediately. 

2nd min: Gabriella Szűcs scored on a penalty, 1-0 for UVSE. 

4th min: Eszter Kiss increased the lead with a beautiful lob shot, 2-0. 

5th min: Szonja Kuna was sent off from BVSC, UVSE called a timeout, but they missed their chance. BVSC called a timeout right after the turn.

8th min: Vanda Baksa scored with 3 seconds remaining in the first quarter. 

2nd quarter

4th min: Neither team could score in the second period for almost 5 minutes, even on power plays.

5th min: Rita Keszthelyi scored for UVSE to take a commanding 4-goal lead. 

7th min: Edina Gangl saved Anna Illes’ penalty, it is still 4-0 for UVSE.

8th min: There was only one goal in the second period, BVSC is still scoreless after 16 minutes. 

3rd quarter

4th min: Rita Keszthelyi found the back of the net from a penalty, 5-0 for UVSE.

5th min: Finally, Dóra Leimeter scored for BVSC on a quick break. 

6th min: BVSC had a penalty, but Leimeter hit the post. 

7th min: Vivian Sevenich scored a lucky goal, it seemed Vanda Doroszlai saved the shot, but it fell behind the goal line. 

4th quarter

1st min: UVSE won the sprint and Gabriella Szűcs found the back of the net on their first attack. 7-1 for UVSE.

2nd min: Kata Farkas scored BVSC’s second goal of the game. 

3rd min: Dóra Antal increased UVSE’s lead and Szonja Kuna missed a penalty on the other side.

4th min: Gabriella Szűcs, the captain of UVSE scored her third goal of the day. 9-2 for UVSE.

5th min: Anna Illes decreased the deficit, and BVSC had a chance to decrease it even more, but Leimeter missed a penalty. BVSC now missed four of four penalties.

6th min: Szonja Kuna scored for BVSC, 9-4.

8th min: Nikolett Kele found the back of the net on a nice attack for BVSC, but Rybanska Natasa quickly scored on the other side, 10-5.

UVSE won convincingly and took home the trophy for the fifth time in a row.