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Martin: I Don’t Have Words for This

Spain defeated Croatia in the first semi-final in the European Championships. After the clash the protagonists summerized.

David Martin, head coach, Spain
“I don’t have words for this. It was another really difficult game for us. I am so proud of my team. We scored some beautiful goals. We are hungry for trophies and medals and overjoyed with another final we will play. I am very proud of the guys, not because of the victory, but because of all the hard work they have done so far. We can lose or win, but for me the most important thing is to see them fighting for their dreams. We have tough two weeks behind us, and I see that the players are getting very tired, they played their hearts out tonight. Whoever comes in the final it won’t be easy, both Hungary and Montenegro are very strong, the Hungarians play at home, and Montenegro has been in top form during the whole championships, very hard to decide which would be better opponent. Our aim is to win the gold medal, so we will put all our efforts to be the champions.”

Ivica Tucak, head coach, Croatia
“It was a tough, hard game thrilling till the end. The match could have gone both ways. Spain is an excellent team, they beat Serbia, now us. We still haven’t secured the berth for Tokyo and that remains a problem for us. We will have to go about it the longer, more complicated way. But that’s also sport. I congratulate Spain on their victory. Today they were better.”

Daniel Lopez, goalie, Spain
“It was a very tough game, but we achieved the victory as a team. I am delighted that we reached the final. We will play for the title, and it is not important who we will have to face. We want to win the European Championships.”

Felipe Perrone, player, Spain
“It’s great! We haven’t been training in vain. Once again we are in the final and we are so happy! This is one more chance to win the gold. I think we play beautiful water polo, with a lot of dynamics, swimming. It is a pure and beautiful game. Now we have to rest. We are physically destroyed. One more final is ahead of us and one more chance for the triumph. This is what we train for every day.”

Andro Buslje, player, Croatia
“Unfortunately, we lost another semi-final to Spain. We haven’t secured the berth for Tokyo we will have go through Olympic Qualification Tournament now. My congratulations go to Spain. Today they were a better than us. This is all I can say at this moment.”

Source: LEN Press Office

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