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Martin’s Team Chose Between Two Coconuts

The Spanish head coach of the national team David Martín was obviously not satisfied with the result achieved by his team in the match corresponding to the FINA World League against Montenegro (6-11). Spain has always been in tow and has not been able to get into the game in a second half in which the Balkans have been superior, as the coach has recognized the microphones at the conclusion.

“The reading is that Montenegro is a very good team, it has already been demonstrated in Budapest, and if you don’t play well against them, they will gradually make a difference on the scoreboard. It’s what happened, a time has come that has entered the anxiety and we wanted to solve each one on their own and this should help us to see that if we do not play with intensity and fight until the end as a team any rival of this level can beat us” has analyzed David Martín for the homepade of the federation.

“The players are tired, of course, a lot of fatigue, but just like them, so I have excused ourselves. They have come with a lot of intensity and hunger and we have lacked a little. There are many good teams here and this should serve as facing the future. Well, losing or winning was to play against Serbia or Croatia in the quarterfinals, two coconuts. Now we have a very motivating match in Serbia, they are going to wait for us with sharp nails. Important proof there is going to come very well like this now it’s time to prepare for it” added Martín.

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