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Márton Vámos: Getting ready for Hannover and the World Championships

After FTC won the third round of the National League Finals series, and became back-to-back champions, we interviewed Márton Vámos to tell us how the team prepares for Hannover and how he gets ready for the FINA World Championships as a national team member.

WPNews: How was the teamwork?
Márton Vámos (MV): Well, we won… so it was good. I think that OSC played really well. They were leading until the middle of the 3rd quarter, and from there we were able to flip the game over. We were leading by a goal until 2 minutes before the quarter ended which I think was a psychological advantage that we could use for the 5-meter penalties. So we are happy that we could finish the championship in 3 rounds. We’ll have a long rest… well, not long, but a few days.

WPNews: Overall, how did this game differ from the previous two?
MV: Oh, good question… Mentally it is difficult to play three times against a strong opponent especially when you won by 2 goals twice. The will to fight was in everybody, and I think that we passed the barrier successfully of winning 3 times in a row.

WPNews: You mentioned that there will a little rest, but you also need to prepare for the Final Eight in Hannover. How is it going?
MV: Head coach is right there (pointing behind us), and we’ll ask him how much resting he’ll give us. I would say a 4-day break until the weekend. Then, from Monday we’ll train in the water, have video analysis to get ready to play against Jug Dubrovnik. Then there is 1,5 weeks left and we’ll compete with them. I believe this 1,5 week is enough to prepare and only 1 match will decide who knocks out whom – this is the piquancy of the Final Eight that anybody could win over the other. Although, I think both teams are head-to-head, and it is impossible to proclaim who is better.

WPNews: As a Hungarian national team member, you will also attend the World Championships. How are you preparing for that with the team?
MV: After the Final Eight, there will be a few day-offs, and then we’ll start preparing for the world championships. Before that, there will be the World League Finals in Belgrade – there are so many world league and world cup participations that now I cannot even follow. So there’s that followed by a 2-week training. Then we leave for the world championships which also will be tough. We would like to achieve the best result possible.