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Men’s LEN Champions League: Jadran Split Wins by 5 Goals

The Hungarian men’s team of Szolnoki Dózsa lost 15–10 to the Croatian Jadran Split at the 14th and last round of the LEN Champions League. It has already been decided that the winner of 2017 would come in fourth place in the group and would not get into the Finals as only the first three will fight – the fourth group will be host Hannover.

During the first quarter at 06:43, Viktor Rasovic had a penalty foul causing Andjelo Setka of Jadran Split to score a 5-meter penalty shot. At 05:47, Zeljko Kovacic of Jadran got a 20-second exclusion making Dániel Angyal of Szolnoki Dózsa to use the extra player shot. Within the following two minutes, there were to 20-second exlusions and one extra player shot in favor of Szolnoki Dózsa. At 00:47 Ivan Domagoy Zodiac of Jadran ended the 1st quarter with an extra player shot goal.

In the second quarter, the result was 8-5 in Jadran Split’s favor. Most of the time, Jadran used the extra player shots making them lead the game 8-4. Then, 5 seconds before the quarter ended, Jadran made a penalty foul making Szolnoki Dózsa player, Andrija Prlainovic score a goal.

Team statistics for the first two quarters:

12 Shots On Goal 10
4 Shots Off Goal 5
4/8 Extra Player Goals 2/8
7 Exclusion 8

During the third quarter, it seemed like Szolnoki Dózsa was catching up; however, Zvonimir Butic did not let that happen by scoring his first goal. While Jadran was still leading by couple of goals, at 03:03 Zeljko Kovacic had his last penalty foul and got excluded with substitution. Andrija Prlainovic of Szolnoki Dózsa scored his second successful 5-meter penalty shot.

Within the first three minutes of the last quarter, Szolnoki Dózsa has two exclusions with Dániel Angyal getting excluded with substitution. Using the extra player shot technique, Jadran was able to yet again score a goal. After Szolnoki Dózsa missed a goal Zvonimir Butic was able to take the ball and swam towards Szolnoki Dózsa’s net and scored another goal just 18 seconds before the game finished.

Final team statistics:

23 Shots On Goal 20
8 Shots Off Goal 9
6/13 Extra Player Goals 4/14
13 Exclusion 13

Men’s Waterpolo Champions League
GROUP B, Round 15
Jadran Split (CRO)–Szolnoki Dózsa (HUN) 15–10 (3–2, 5–3, 4–3, 3–2)

Watch the final result here that includes videos of the goals.







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