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Men’s Spanish Cup: CNAB Earns 16th Title

Zodiac CN Atlètic-Barceloneta (CNAB) defeated CN Terrassa in the Finals. With this win, Barceloneta earned the 16th title overall, and for the 8th consecutive time since 2013.

CNAB took the first lead which later turned into a 2-goal difference. After a long fight, Terrassa scored its first goal (2-1). Felipe Perrone showed what he’s capable of – he earned a penalty which De Toro converted, and CNAB was leading 5-2 at a minute and a half in the third quarter. Then, before the last period, the game was 6-3 for the team. Already in the last quarter, with 11-5, Bernat Sanahuja of CN Terrassa made a spectacular one-on-one with the ball in his hand that ended in goal. It was/is definitely worth celebrating. However, the champion was already decided minutes ago.

Cover photo: Jordi López

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