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Men’s Water Polo Division I- FTC knocked out OSC

At the E. On Men’s Championships mid-section’s final round FTC-Telekom bet A-HÍD OSC Újbuda 13-8 at home ground.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

At their last game, OSC bet FTC 9-7, and their goal difference was better as well. This was a prestigious match between the two teams, which began with a slow start. Finally, Krisztián Manhercz shot the first goal, but FTC did not let itself, and shot 2 goals in a row ending the 1st quarter with a 2-1 score.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter OSC made the score 3-3, but at the end of the 2nd quarter they were leading by 5 points. Zsolt Varga successfully scored 3 goals in the first half of the 3rd quarter, but thanks to the strong and stable goalkeepers, it was very difficult to earn more points. Szilárd Jansik finally managed to break the silence- he made the scoreboard look better, then Vámos increased FTC’s advantage with another goal, now FTC leading by 2 points. The two teams fought hard against each other- fighting till the end, but FTC was unstoppable. Dénes Varga made the score prettier and OSC scored two more points till the end, but they could not catch up. FTC won the game 13-8, and they also won the mid-section as well.


E.On Men’s Championships Mid-section

Upper Half 8th round

A-HÍD OSC Újbuda – FTC- Telekom 8-13 (1-2, 4-2, 1-4, 2-5)

Szolnoki Dozsa- ZF-Eger

Nicola Murisics from Montenegro scored 4 goals alone at this game- and became the most successful player of the match- but Eger still could not avoid a six-point defeat with Murisics’ outstanding performance. At home, Andras Teleki made 3 out of 3 shots helping Szolnoki Dozsa to a wonderful win.

SZOLNOKI DOZSA- ZF EGER 15-9 (4-1, 2-2, 4-4, 5-2)


BUDAPESTI HONVÉD SE–DEBRECENI VSE 11–10 (5–4, 2–3, 3–1, 1–2)

Upper Half results:

  1. FTC 63
  2. OSC 63
  3. Szolnok 46
  4. Eger 44
  5. Miskolc 38
  6. Honvéd 27
  7. BVSC 25
  8. Debrecen 24


For 1-4th place


A-Híd-OSC-Újbuda–Szolnoki Dózsa

For 5-8th place


Budapesti Honvéd–BVSC-Zugló


GROUP-B (Lower half)

KSI SE–KAPOSVÁRI VK 12–14 (3–3, 2–2, 3–3, 4–6)


AVUS SZOMBATHELY–VASASPLAKET 14–13 (4–5, 4–4, 4–1, 2–3)


1. Metalcom Szentes 35
2. PVSK-Mecsek Füszért 30
3. Tatabánya 29
4. AVUS Szombathely 24
5. UVSE 23
6. VasasPlaket 20
7. Kaposvári VK 17
8. KSI 3


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