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Men’s World League Super Finals 2019 starts next week!

After the ladies showed off their talents in last week’s Women’s World League Super Finals, now it’s time for the gentlemen to do the same. The stakes are just as high this time around as the winnier of the tournament will get qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 2019 Men’s World League Super Finals will be held between June 18th and June 23th. Serbia is serving as host this year and the games will be played at the Tašmajdan Sports Center in Belgrad.

The 2019 editon of the World League Super Final is highlighted by the partcipaton of:

Group A: Hungary, Japan, Canada, Spain
Group B: Australia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Serbia

Tašmajdan Sports Center (FINA)

Group Matches 
Round 1, 18 June, Tuesday
Croatia – Kazakhstan 14:00 UTC+2
Hungary – Canada 15:45 UTC+2
Japan – Spain 19:15 UTC+2
Australia – Serbia 21:00 UTC+2

Round 2, 19 June, Wednesday
Japan – Canada 15:00 UTC+2
Hungary – Spain 16:45 UTC+2
Australia – Kazakhstan 19:15 UTC+2
Croatia – Serbia 21:00 UTC+2

Round 3, 20 June, Thursday
Croatia – Australia 15:00 UTC+2
Hungary – Japan 16:45 UTC+2
Canada – Spain 19:15 UTC+2
Kazakhstan – Serbia 21:00 UTC+2

Quarterfinal Round, 21 June, Friday
A2 – B3 15:00 UTC+2
A3 – B2 16:45 UTC+2
A1 – B4 19:15 UTC+2
A4 – B1 21:00 UTC+2

Semifinal Round, 22 June, Saturday
For 5-8th place: 13:30 and 15:15 UTC+2
Semifinals: 17:45 and 19:30 UTC+2

Final Round, 23 June, Sunday
For 7th place: 15:00 UTC+2
For 5th place: 16:45 UTC+2
Fort 3rd place: 19:15 UTC+2
Finals: 21:00 UTC+2

Stay tuned for more info on the competition and the games!

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