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Men’s Youth WCH – Day 6: China vs New Zealand

The qualification round of  the 4th FINA World Men’s Youth Water Polo Championships starts today in Szombathely (HUN), and we will deliver all the action of the day along with live stream content. The match day starts at 09:30 with the placement games. Follow the youth WCH live with Wpnews. 


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14:00, China – New Zealand, 0-11 (0-1, 0-3, 0-2, 0-5)

China: Jing WANG JUN (gk), Meng HE XING, Ren SHI BO, Le ZHU BEI, Tao WU MING, Chen YU QIU, Lei YUAN, Sheng GU ZI, Long WU YU, Le CHENG YI, Bin LIN LUO, Guan OU, Tian ZHON HAO (gk)

New Zealand: Bae FOUNTAIN (gk), Louie FERIGO, Louis CLARK, Kiahi HORAN, Bronson LARSEN, Brandon MATTHEWS, James CATLIN, Rowan BROWN, Sam RATIMA, Reuben RONALOS, Josef SCHULER, Nicholas PATERSON, James TYRAS (gk)

 Stream (produced by FINA and  the Hungarian Water Polo Federation):


Defence was the name of the game during the first period as both teams were rock solid in front of their own goal. Although China’s goalkeeper, Jun Jing Wang had a lot more to do than the New Zealander’s goalie, the Chinese still managed to keep their opponents on only 1 goal. (0-1)

The New Zealanders shifted gears in the second quarter and developed a comfortable 4 goal advantage. Josef Schuler (NZL) led the way with 2 goals to his name, while James Catlin (NZL) also scored his second of the match. The Chinese tried hard, but they could barely produce 100 percent chances to achieve their first score in the match. (0-4)

China continued to struggle in offense, and it was hard to see them scoring in the near future. No concept, no desire and even less creativity. The New Zealanders did not excel in attack either, but they managed to increase their lead by 2 goals.

There was no difference in the last quarter either. New Zealand had total control over the game and this time it showed on the score line as well. They scored five in the last period as the Chinese players seemed to have given up on any hope of scoring. The end result shows exactly how the match unfolded. Well-deserved win for the New Zealanders, staggering blow for China.


Top Scorer: James Catlin (NZL) – 4 goals

MVP of the game: James Catlin (NZL)

For exclusive photos of the game click here, or click on the picture and enjoy the slideshow. 

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Pon Ning (assistant coach, China) about the game:

“I used to play in the national team too, we never lost against New Zealand, so I wanted to win so hard, but the boys didn’t. They weren’t concentrating during the match. It’s a huge shame, that we didn’t score any goals, but what is a bigger problem, that they don’t even care. Only I do.”

James Catlin (MVP, New Zealand) on the match:

“It is an awesome award, and such an important game for us. It is our goalkeeper’s achievement, that we got no goals, so the aim was, especially at the end to help him as much as we can. We defended really well, and that has let this result happen.”


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