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Naples 2019 – Universiade – Day 8 – Women’s Semifinals

The University Games is still going on in Naples. The water polo teams are also getting closer to the Finals.

Today, six groups competed, four of them are in the Semifinals. The first two teams up were France and the Czech Republic for 9th place. France won the match 22-10, and finished 9th in the overall table. The Czech Republic is placed 10th.

Then, the United States and Japan competed where Japan beat the United States by a score only, 10-9. Tomorrow, the United States will play a round to determine the 7-8th positions. Japan will play for 5-6th place.

The third and last match was between Australia and China. The Chinese were playing well, but Australia overtook and won the game 12-7. Australia will now play with Japan, and China will meet with Team USA.

Schedule for 12 July:

9:30 7-8th place United States – China
11:30 5-6th place Japan – Australia
18:00 Semifinals Hungary – Russia
20:00 Semifinals Italy – Canada