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Naples 2019 – Universiade – Women’s Quarterfinals

Today, 8 women’s teams competed in the quarterfinals.

First up was Canada agains the United States. The Canadian team beat the US in a close match of 10-9. Canada is now in the Semifinals, and the US will play for 5-8th place.

The second match was between Hungary and Australia. The finals score was 7-4 in Hungary’s favor. Looking at the score, the game was difficult as both team’s defense was great.

Later in the day Russia met with China. The final score was 12-9 for Russia, and they got into the Semifinals whereas China will have to play against Australia for 5-8th place.

Finally, Italy beat Japan 12-8.

Overall, for those that need to play for 9-10th and 5-8th place will have a round tomorrow, 11 July starting at 3:30pm.

The schedule for tomorrow is:

15:30 Final 9th-10th Place Czech Republic – France
17:30 Semifinals 5-8 Japan – United States
19:30 Semifinals 5-8 Australia – China

Semifinals schedule for 12 July:

9:30 Final 7-8th place N/A
11:30 Final 5-6th place N/A
18:00 Semifinals Hungary – Russia
20:00 Semifinals Italy – Canada