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Nine Players from FTC in the Hungarian National Team

The Hungarian men’s national team will hold a pratice session to start preparing for the European Championships in Budapest.

Not long after the first Champions League match on 9 October, FTC’s national team members will meet with the head coach. These members are Szilárd Jansik, Tamás Mezei, Toni Német, Zoltán Pohl, Tamás Sedlmayer, Dénes Varga, Márton Vámos, Soma Vogel and Gergő Zalánki.

The majority of the players are from FTC again, while there are four players from OSC, three from Szolnok, two from Eger, one from Miskolc and BVSC.

Hungarian men’s national team lineup

Goalkeepers: Gergely Kardos (Eger), Viktor Nagy (Szolnok), Soma Vogel (FTC)

Players: Dániel Angyal (Szolnok), Bence Bátori (Szolnok), Balázs Erdélyi (OSC), Balázs Hárai (OSC), Norbert Hosnyánszky (Eger), Szilárd Jansik (FTC), Gergő Kovács (OSC), Tamás Mezei (FTC), Krisztián Manhercz (OSC), Ádám Nagy (Miskolc), Toni Német (FTC), Mátyás Pásztor (BVSC), Zoltán Pohl (FTC), Tamás Sedlmayer (FTC), Dénes Varga (FTC), Márton Vámos (FTC), Gergő Zalánki (FTC).

Head coach Tamás Märcz will have training session 10-12 October which is important because the team will not have enough time until the European Championships that could give them a ticket to Tokyo. The captain would like to take every opportunity, so they will also participate in the World League. The Hungarian national team will play their first match on 12 November.

“Given that the date of the World League changed this season and perfectly fits with the European Championships and Olympic trainings, we will participate in the event – although this does not qualify us anywhere. Aside from Germany, every other team will do the same,” the head coach told

“According to the plans, on 12 November, we will host the Russians in the first round. On 17 December, we will be free which I find favorable because this will not affect our preparation for the European Championships. In the third round, we will meet with France. In the fourth round, our group’s top 2 teams will play with Group A’s top 2 players the way that the first placed team will choose who hosts the next round. That is why we are not allowed to have mistakes against the strong Russian and the emergin French national teams because then we can have a domestic match. The Super Finals in June – which still does not have a place yet – is favorable for us in terms of Olympic preparations, so we hope that we will be able to qualify.”

Aside from next week’s training, the team will meet again between 22-23 November, then from 16 December, they will only be preparing for the European Championships.

World League, European preliminary rounds
Group A
: Greece, Italy, Georgia
Group B: Hungary, Russia, France
Group C: Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia
Group D: Montenegro, Ukraine, Spain

Group B’s schedule
Round 1: 12 November
Hungary – Russia

Round 2: 17 December
Russia – France

Round 2: 11 February 2020
France – Hungary

Quarterfinals: 17 March 2020
A1-B2, B1-A2, C1-D2, D1-C2

Super Final: 23-28 June 2020

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