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Tamás Faragó: Hungary can Face Serious Pitfalls

Hungarian water polo legend Tamás Faragó summarized what he thinks about Hungary’s performance at this years World Championships.


“It was never the case that the Olympics were held without the Hungarian teams. Nevertheless, neither for the female nor the male national teams are easy to qualify. (…) We can face serious pitfalls if we do not provide the maximum,”

Faragó stated to inforadio.

The Olympic champion has also added that Dénes Varga is a fantastic classic who can decide a game by himself, so any team would miss his absence. That fact that he broke his finger and was eliminated, it has caused a major difficulty for the team. (Dénes Varga did play at the tournaments, but his performance was not as good – the editor)

According to Faragó, the team should change their attitude that they always expect the best players to come up with a solution.

“If we fall into the mistake of thinking that the best players always play their best at the most important moments, then we can easily get in trouble. Yes, we have to look for alternative solutions because there can always an injury, and that a good players will not perform at his best,”

he added.


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