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The Hungarian Men’s National Team Lineup for Summer 2019

Considering that two major competitions (World League Super Finals and World Championships) are around the corner, Hungarian Men’s National team head coach, Tamás Märcz announced the lineup of 27 members for the summer.

The head coach gained experience over the year when the program developed similarly: the team was on home grounds at the World League Super Finals where they won silver, then in July in Barcelona the European league was less successful. In September, they won the World Cup in Berlin. In Belgrade, the World League Super Finals, and in July the World Championships await them – both of them are qualification rounds for the Olympics.

“Starting Monday, 3 June, we train with 17 players including our 3 goalkeepers. FTC qualified for the Final 8 in Hannover, so the club members will join us on the 13th. It is a tough world event ahead of us, and I feel important to have our players in the best shape both mentally and physically. There is one thing for sure:  time is short until Belgrade, so from day one we need to starts training seriously,” said head coach.


Photo: Dávid Madar (MVLSZ/

Men’s national team lineup for Summer 2019:
Goalkeepers: Dávid Bisztritsányi (UVSE), Gergely Kardos (Szolnok), Viktor Nagy (Szolnok), Soma Vogel (FTC)
Players: Dániel Angyal (Szolnok), Bence Bátori (Szolnok), Krisztián Bedő (Miskolc), Farkas Dőry (Debrecen), Balázs Erdélyi (OSC), Miklós Gór-Nagy (FTC), Tamás Gyárfás (Eger), Balázs Hárai (OSC), Dávid Jansik (Szolnok), Szilárd Jansik (FTC), Márk Kállay (FTC), Gergő Kovács (OSC), Tamás Mezei (FTC), Krisztián Manhercz (OSC), Ádám Nagy (Miskolc), Toni Német (FTC), Mátyás Pásztor (BVSC), Zoltán Pohl (FTC), Tamás Sedlmayer (FTC), Dénes Varga (FTC), Márton Vámos (FTC), Kristóf Várnai (BVSC), Gergő Zalánki (Szolnok)