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The Spanish Girls Win in Volos


Spain won the gold medal at the Women’s European U17 Championships, that was completed this evening in Volos, on the Greek coast of the Aegean Sea.

The Spaniards narrowly defeated Russia in the final game 12:11. The bronze was won by Italy, which beat the Netherlands today (9:6). Greece was better than Serbia (19:12) in the game for the 5th place. Slovakia took the 7th place, as it beat France (10:6).

Women’s European U17 Championships, Day 8

Spain – Russia 12:11 (4:3, 4:1, 2:3, 2:4)

The finalists fought a hard battle. Both teams had their ups and downs. Spain was in front from the beginning. Russia managed to equalize just once (1:1 in the third minute).
Russia trailed 4:6 with 6 minutes left in the first half. Spain than produced a 5:1 rush and jumped to a 10:5 lead two minutes and 22 seconds before the last break. That was vital in the Spaniards’ win.

Russia started climbing back, but the gap was too big. Spain had a 12:8 lead with three minutes to go. Russia netted three consecutive goals in the last three minutes, but it couldn’t equalise. Russia came very close to Spain 26 seconds before the end (11:12). The Spaniards kept the ball and the win in the remaining time.

Today’s gold medal match was very similar to the final of the Women’s European U15 Championships, held in Kirishi (Russia) in July, which also featured Russia and Spain. In July, the Spaniards also recorded a minimal win (14:13). But, in Kirishi, the winner was decided after a penalty shootout.

Bronze medal match
Netherlands – Italy 6:9 (2:2, 2:3, 2:2, 0:2)

After a balanced first period, the Italians found themselves 2:4 down early in the second quarter. They found their game soon, scored three goals in a row by the halftime and entered the second half with a 5:4 lead. Both sides scored 2 goals apiece in the third quarter, while the match was decided in the opening minutes of the last period. Italy netted two goals in a span of 40 seconds for a 9:6 lead. There were no goals in the last six and a half minutes and the Italians celebrated a win.

Classification 5th – 6th
Serbia – Greece 12:19 (3:7, 2:2, 5:6, 2:4)

Greece offered a nice performance for their supporters on the last day of the championships. The hosts gained an 8:3 lead in the 9th minute, which determined the rest of the match. Serbia tried to come back, but the Greeks controlled everything and recorded a 19:12 win.

Classification 7th – 8th
Slovakia – France 10:6 (2:1, 4:1, 2:1, 2:3)

Slovakia: Halocka 4, Sedlakova 3, Kolarova 1, Grezdova 1, Kvasnicova 1.
France: Benlekbir 4, Heurtaux 1, Vernoux 1.

After a slow start, the Slovaks dominated the second and the third period and built a 5-goal lead (8:3) before the last eight minutes. The French played well in the last period, but Slovakia kept the win.


Final ranking

1 Spain
2 Russia
3 Italy
4 Netherlands
5 Greece
6 Serbia
7 Slovakia
8 France
9 Hungary
10 Israel
11 Germany
12 Great Britain
13 Turkey
14 Romania
15 Bulgaria
16 Czech Republic