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The USA wins the 2019 FINA Women’s World League Superfinal

The Superfinal of 2019’s FINA Water Polo Women’s World League has arrived. The USA came to the arena as the defending champion of the trophy. They won five years in a row until this point and won the League twelve times overall. Italy’s best result in this competition was a silver medal back in 2006. Getting to the final made sure that they will gain at least one more silver today but obviously they were aiming for gold.

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In the first quarter the teams proved that they are worthy opponents of each other. A tight and exciting game played out in front of our eyes. Italy suprised the Americans a bit with 2 early goals but the opposition had no problem with equalizing as the period concluded (2-2).

The second quarter countinued the tense tactical battle between the teams. We didn’t see many goals but we saw some beautiful plays from these superstars. Devided by a thin line, Italy won the quarter with a score of 3-4.

We saw way more goals in the third quarter then we did in the previous ones. One thing remained unchanged however, neither of the teams could get ahead with more then one score. After some back and forth on both sides the US had the lead at the end of the quarter (7-6).

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The very last quarter of this game wasn’t short of excitment either. Italy got really close to level out with the United States. The score was 10-9 just seconds before the end of the match. Italy had one last chance to equalize but the remaining 3.2 seconds proved to be way too short to do that. Their last throw flow above the bar and with that the USA officially won the competition.

Italy finished second and earned the silver medal in the 2019 FINA Women’s Water Polo World League Superfinal. The United States of America won the gold medal, this was their 6th trophy win in a row in this competition and their 13th overall.

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