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There Could Be A Catastrophe in the Sport

As known, there can only be 11 players at the Olympics, instead of the current 13. The head coaches can choose 2 goalkeepers and 9 field players. This could affect a team’s performance significantly.

The rule states exactly that, in addition to the 11 players, two may be in Tokyo but cannot live in the Olympic Village. Dénes Kemény, the chairman of FINA’s coaching committee, said that the organization was in talks in Gwangju with the International Olympic Committee to let the other two athletes to live in the Village as well.

The International Olympic Committee, however, did not change its rules yet. FINA actually has the power to do so because it gives out 47 gold medals in water sports while the big rival hands out one less.

The original idea was that women’s teams should have 10 teams instead of the current 8. The International Olympic Committee nodded, but in return, asked for 11-member teams.

Dénes Kemény stated that making the game faster has brought a lot of advantages, but the referees’ change of mindset, the more exclusions, and the reduction in the number of players could cause a catastrophe in the game. That is why there are meetings about the sport.


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