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Tibor Benedek’s Farewell

The Hungarian Water Polo Federation has posted a statement from the Benedek family. We translated the statement from Hungarian to English as close as possible.

Dear Sports friends and Journalists,

Thank you for last weeks’ tribute, the lots of messages and sympathy you have showed Tibor and our family. We feel the entire country’s, the sports and water polo world’s support in this indescribably sad time.

We respectfully continue to ask for the understanding of the public and the press that in the long period ahead we can mourn in silence and in our own way so that we can remain worthy of the memories of Tibor and the moments we shared with him.

We said goodbye to Tibor, as he wished, in a small family circle. However, we want those who loved and respected him to be able to say goodbye to him worthily. Thus, before the final of the Hungarian Cup in August, we remember him with the most beautiful moments of his career at the Alfred Hajós National Sports Swimming Pool on Margaret Island. You can find out more about the details and the date of the final on the website of the Hungarian Water Polo Association.

With thanks,
The Benedek Family

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