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Water Polo Challengers Cup, Day 1

The Water Polo Challengers Cup started in Singapore yesterday. The event takes place every two years. It was created in 2007 as a championship for the development of the water polo in the world.

The champions so far: Colombia (2007), Kuwait (2009), Saudi Arabia (2011), Uzbekistan (2013), Iran (2015) and Uruguay (2017).

This 2019 will have a new champion as none of the participants have been made with gold yet; India, Indonesia (sixth in 2015), Ireland, Philippines (fourth in 2009), Austria (third in 2015 and 2017), China Taipe, Singapore (Silver in 2009), Zimbabwe, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Results of the first day
India 10-23 Indonesia
Singapore 26-5 Zimbabwe
Austria 32-5 China taipe
Ireland 12-8 Philippines

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