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Who Won Both as a Player and as a Coach: Tamás Marcz

After an extreme final the Hungarian head coach Tamás Marcz summerized his special feelings in the mixed zone. Interview with the guide of success who won European Championships as a player and a coach also.

“I never deal with statistics, I leave it to someone else. What was more important was how pleased the guys were with this gold medal along with the crew. We did a lot of work, so get to the top of the podium. Work in the clubs should be highlighted, which has also contributed to this success. In recent times, many of our young players have matured into the international field and with the classics, they have created a powerful team that can jump into the pool as a great chance against anyone. A couple of years ago maybe it wasn’t. It is a huge happiness to break a 21-year bad time, and it is fantastic to be able to win over our own audience at home. We played two finals in Budapest before, but unfortunately we lost both in the World League and the World Cup.

This year again, it was a great feeling playing at home in front of our supporters. I know there are a lot of fans for the team, a great love for the boys. We hope we were able to give them something back. This is also very important for the future. We’re on the right track, but we shouldn’t be comfortable. We see what we need to improve in order not only to go to the Olympics as a favorite, travel to Tokyo as a big favorite.

During the penalty shoot-out, I saw the boys not wanting to let go of their victory. They fired five meters so confidently that if they had to shoot in the morning, they would still shoot them all. It just depends on when one of our goalkeepers saves a shot. I am extremely pleased with both of my goalkeepers, Viktor has had a very good streak since the match against Malta, and Soma also added his own. Changing the goalkeeper after the third penalty is not uncommon in water polo. We’ve decided in advance that if the first three penalties go in, Soma will get a chance to defend. He saves the penalties well, we know you can disrupt your opponent. We have two very good goalkeepers who deserve praise. Now and throughout the tournament.

It was very memorable final against the Croatians in Florence in 1999 when I won the European Championships as a player, but it now holds a much more special place in my heart. Plus, it’s quite an extra thing at home. To see the glitter in the eyes of the players is phenomenal, to see the Olympic champions craving for this medal is fantastic again, and for the youngsters is a huge step in their careers. We have won the World Cup and the European Cup in recent years, so I had to swim recently, but not an easy thing. Indeed. I don’t mind because we are now floating away from happiness.”

Photo: Anikó Kovács/MVLSZ

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