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Why FTC is the Best Team in the World

FTC made the unthinkable: starting its quest in the qualification and arriving to the Final 8 from the fourth place in the group, they ended up with the Champions League trophy in their hands. The Hungarians won a thrilling final against title-holder Olympiacos, which made a great comeback in the fourth quarter but lost the shootout.

FTC could earn a single point against the top three teams in the group stage – now in Hannover they brought down 2016 champion Jug Dubrovnik in the quarterfinals, bet 2014 winner Barceloneta in the semifinals, and finally edged out title-holder Olympiacos in a magnificent final. Quite a feat from a team which was a newcomer in the finals.

FTC celebrated not only a historical first but they also joined a unique circle of clubs which managed to win all European trophies (Champions League, Cup Winners Cup, Euro Cup, Super Cup) – they are the 4th on the board after Pescara, Partizan Belgrade and Posillipo Napoli.

There were some changes in the team line up this season at FTC, and the members did their very best to become the best team possible. Their hard work paid off well winning multiple titles including the end-of-season Champions League trophy. This concludes that not are they Europe’s best team, but also the world’s.