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Women’s ECH: Schedule for Next Week

Today marked the last preliminary round for women.

The final ranking is the following:

  Group A Group B
1 Hungary Netherlands
2 Russia Spain
3 Greece Italy
4 Slovakia France
5 Croatia Israel
6 Serbia Germany

Here is the schedule for next week.

21 January, Tuesday

11.30am Semifinal (11-12th) Serbia – Germany
1pm Semifinal (9-10th) Croatia – Israel
2.30pm Quarterfinal Slovakia – Netherlands
4pm Quarterfinal Russia – Italy
5.30pm Quarterfinal Spain – Greece
7pm Quarterfinal Hungary – France

23 January, Thursday *

2.30pm Semifinal France – Greece
4pm Semifinal Italy – Slovakia
5.30pm Semifinal Russia – Netherlands**
7pm Semifinal Hungary – Spain**

25 January (Finals), Saturday

2.30pm 7-8th place L37 – L38
4pm 5-6th place W37 – W38
5.30pm Bronze match L39 – L40
7pm Gold match W39 – W40

The men’s schedule is also complete for tomorrow.

* schedule updated on 21 January

** updated on 22 January; the matches are swapped due to Hungarian airing

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