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Womens’s Euro Cup – Hungary beats Italy in Szentes

Tuesday’s game was between Hungary vs Italy and they did not disappoint us with a great match.

Nagy Olívia (wpnews)


For the Hungarians the plan was to be in 2nd place in the qualifying group. In December Italy won the game between the two teams with a one goal difference. 

Altought the Hungarians had a good deffence, they could not win the first quarter (3-3). After that Attila Bírós’s team had a good offence as well, so they went to the half time with a 2 goal advantage. However, Dóra Csabai was cancelled out too early. The second half also stated with good home team blocks and with Edina Gangl’s amazing saves. In the final quarter the Italian national team still had to run after the result, however the hosts had a lot of penalties.

This win means that Hungary has the second place in the qualifying group.


HUN-ITA: 12-8 (3-3, 3-1, 3-2, 3-2)


Gangl – Illés 1, Keszthelyi 5, Vályi V., Gyöngyössy 2, Csabai 1, Rybanska. Csere: Faragó K., Parkes 2, Gurisatti 1, Szücs G., Horváth B., Magyari (kapus). Szövetségi kapitány: Bíró Attila


Gorleo – Tabani 1, Garibotti 1, Queirolo 1, Aiello 1, Bianconi 1, Emmolo 2. Csere: Avegno 1, Picozzi, Palmieri, Gragnoli, Viacava. Szövetségi kapitány: Fabio Conti