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World Championships: Men’s Finals: Italy is the Champion!

The first match of the day was conducted between Germany and Greece for 7th place. During the first quarter, Germany took the lead with 2-1. Then the second quarter was in favor of Greece, and by the third quarter they were leading. Greece kept scoring goals while Germany was a bit unlucky with their tactics, and also Greece’s goalkeeper was on fire. In the final quarter, when the score was 8-4 for Greece, and team Germany was still fighting hard to close the score difference, the game ended with 6-11.

Australia and Serbia’s match seemed like a piece of cake for team Serbia. By the end of the second quarter, they were leading by 7 goals (8-1). Then the last two periods seemed to be more in favor of Australia, but Serbia had better tactics. Australia hit the bar several times. The final score of the game was 13-9 for Serbia.




The Hungary-Croatia match was for 3rd place. Both team are strong, and it was hard to predetermine which team would have had a better chance of winning. During the entire game, Croatia was leading, Hungary was just catching up. When Hungary almost equalized, Croatia scored more goals winning the game 10-7.


The final match of Spain and Italy was just as intense as we expected. Even though by halftime Italy was leading 5-3, the teams were extremely strong and powerful. Until the very end, Spain only scored two more goals while Italy was on fire. The final score of the game was 10-5. 

Photos by Vanda Orosz (WPNews)

Final Standing

1. Spain
2. Italy
3. Croatia
4. Hungary
5. Serbia
6. Australia
7. Italy
8. Germany
9. United States
10. Montenegro
11. Japan
12. South Africa
13. Brazil
14. Kazakhstan
15. South Korea
16. New Zealand

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