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World Championships: Men’s Semifinals: Spain and Italy Got Into the Finals

Today has started with Japan and South Africa playing for 11th place. Though the match was very intense between the teams, Japan beat South Africa 15-5 (5-1, 4-1, 3-2, 3-1) placing 11th in the match, and South Africa finishing 12th. Japan was very tactical and reacting fast while South Africa either missed the post of the Japanese goalkeepers saved the balls.

The second match was conducted between Montenegro and the United States. While during the first quarter, the US was leading, Montenegro showed a great performance (4-6). The teams were playing intensively. Montenegro started catching up to the United States in the second quarter, but the US did not give up their will to win. The entire game was about scoring a goal, then the other team equalizing. The last period started with a score of 12-12 that ended being a 15-14 for team USA. USA finished 9th, and the Montenegro finished 10th at this year’s World Championships. 

The third match was the first Classification match. Serbia and Germany were competing to later play for 5th place. Just like the others, this watch was also tight. This was probably the most intense game compared to the previous ones. When Germany scored, Serbia equalized. When Serbia took the lead, Germany equalized. The final score of the game was 12-12. Penalties decided who gets to play for 5th place. Germany missed one penalty while Serbia scored all of them, making them win the game 17-16.

Serbia Germany

The other classification match between Greece and Australia was a fast and intense game. Both teams played with a great power, and it seemed the players did not have time to breathe. The last quarter started with 8-8, and ended with 9-8 in Australia’s favor.

During the Croatia-Spain semifinal match, we got to see some great defense and offense as well. Spain seemed to have more “luck” as in the second quarter, they were leading 3-1. Throughout the game, the Croatian team was unlucky for only hitting the post, and/or the Spanish goalkeeper saved the shots. Later on Croatia caught up, almost being able to equalize and lead, but the final quarter ended before that. The final score was 6-5. Spain really did the impossible of winning over two of the best teams, Serbia and Croatia in the world.

The Italy-Hungary semifinal match was also an intense one. Italy scored the first goal, then Hungary equalized. When Hungary got the lead in the first quarter, it seemed their teamwork improved, but soon after Italy equalized to 2-2.  Later on, Italy took off, and the by the third quarter the score was 7-9 for Italy. The last quarter was also an exciting period as Hungary caught up, but Italy was also not giving up the great play. The final score is 12-10 for Italy.

Photos by Vanda Orosz

Schedule for Saturday, 27 July (KST):

14:00 7th place Germany – Greece
15:30 5th place Serbia –  Australia
17:00 3rd place Croatia – Hungary
18:30 Finals Spain – Italy

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