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World Championships: World Record: 64-0

Attila Bíró’s team started the World Championships against host South Korea. The Hungarians took the game very seriously as they needed to.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

It would be enough to just mention to score because there is not to much to say about the game. After the match, the Hungarian girls went to practice again…
South Korea is participating as it is the right of the host. The team is full of teenagers (average is 17 years), and they were not able to swim across just half of the pool. In the first quarter, Hungary earned its first goal within 12 seconds, then they were at 5-0, later finishing 16-0.
Then, in the second quarter, Dóra Csabai earned Hungary another goal. The final score is 64-0, which is a world record after beating the Universiade match between Yugoslavia and Guatemala of 62-0 in 1985.

Professionally speaking, the game was unratable. Head Coach Attila Bíró shared his thoughts on the game.

“We did not know about the world record. I did not even tell my players to score as many goals. I only asked them to finish the game with no injuries and this shall be a warm up for the next training session. I was also surprised that the opponent was this weak, but we gave them respect that we did not just play around, but played professionally. Despite scoring many goals, we performed under 50%. This was the longest and most boring game of my life,” he said.

18th FINA World Championships, Gwangju
Preliminary Round 1
Group B
Hungary – South Korea 64-0 (16-0, 18-0, 16-0, 14-0)
Referees: Cheng (Singapore), Waldow (New Zealand)