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World League: European Qualifications

The men’s European qualifications for the World League Super Finals will start on 12 November. There are twelve teams drawn into four groups.

This year the competition system will be different than in previous years due to Olympic schedules. The series of competitions for the national teams will begin in January with the European Championships in Budapest while the Olympic qualification tournament will be played in March. The European preliminary rounds will last for three days only where each team plays one home and one visitor game. Only the group winners and runner-ups advance to the quarterfinals. The best four European teams qualify for the Super Finals, and the other top four teams will qualify from the Intercontinental tournament.

Here are the groups for the Men’s World League European Qualifications:
A group: Greece, Italy, Georgia
B group: Hungary, Russia, France
C group: Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia
D group: Montenegro, Ukraine, Spain


Group Phases
Game Day 1 (12 November 2019)
Greece – Italy (A group)
Hungary – Russia (B group)
Netherlands – Serbia (C group)
Montenegro – Ukraine (D group)

Game Day 2 (17 December 2019)
Italy – Georgia (A group)
Russia – France (B group)
Serbia – Croatia (C group)
Ukraine – Spain (D group)

Game Day 3 (11 February 2020)
Georgia – Greece (A group)
France – Hungary (B group)
Croatia – Netherlands (C group)
Spain – Montenegro (D group)

Game Day 4 (17 March 2020)

OF1: 1A – 2B
QF2: 2B – 2A
QF3: 1C – 2D
QF4: 1D – 2C

Game Day 5 (14 April 2020)

SF1: Winner QF4 – Winner QF1
SF2: Winner QF3 – Winner QF2
SF3: Loser QF4 – Loser QF1
SF4: Loser QF3 – Loser QF2

Final Ranking/Finals
Game Day 6 (28 April 2020 – TBC)

Game for 3rd-4th place classification
Game for 5th-6th place classification
Game for 7th-8th place classification

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